Most organizations face numerous data centre challenges. The ever pressing need to deliver the right IT service levels to users, provide IT infrastructure quickly and to support new business initiatives while reducing operational costs, lower environmental impact and ensure IT compliance with legislation and regulations are without doubt a tedious balancing act.

With out vast experience, we will take care of your complete data centre needs and expectations with our comprehensive package of services. Our resources are on hand to complement your in-house expertise. We will work with you to provide your IT systems and data centre needs and seamlessly manage them 24/7/365 to achieve the service levels and efficiencies you require.

Colocation Services

We can provide space and racks to house your servers and network devices in our data centre and to further enjoy our Managed Facilities extensively. Provision of network services and telecommunication services based on your requirement may also be tailored and we can even go further by providing dedicated servers. Above all, we can also provide services in operating and monitoring your infrastructure.

Managed Facility & Services

Our data centres pride themselves on its high availability and envisaged certifications so as to ensure that your mission-critical operations will always run regardless of any critical situation that may happen. All critical facility systems and operations are constantly monitored through our sophisticated monitoring system to ensure the highest standards of reliability and availability.

Professional Services

Our services range from basic maintenance, design and support of turn-key applications to procurement, helpdesk, asset management and project management. We pride ourselves as a partner to our customers delivering quality knowledge transfer, enhancement of processes and cost savings for operations.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

Our data centres are designed and constructed to provide our customers with Business Continuity and Disaster Recover functionality so that their businesses have alternative sites for their critical IT infrastructure in event of catastrophes or disasters that impact their business operations.

We help businesses plan, exercise and operate continually and recover in a transparent manner to their customers within our facilities’ dedicated or shared Work Area Recovery suites with over 800 seats.

We can also provide one-stop, end-to-end suite consultancy services, as well as up to date training courses and implementation plans, audits, and risk assessments for our customers to address their emergency and resiliency matters.

These services will allow businesses to recover critical business operations in a timely manner, orderly and effective manner.

Carrier Neutrality

Focusing on the provision of reliable infrastructure and high connectivity, we aim to excel and differentiate with a vast number of carriers and service providers. Our Carrier Neutrality allow us to build a diverse ecosystem of telecommunications carriers and network service providers to help our customers connect securely with confidence and cost effectively across the region and the world. We work closely with customers to optimise their connectivity and partnership opportunities, extend reach and commensurate growth successes to their businesses.

Critical Features

Envisaged Uptime Institute Tier III Certifications

  • Tier III Certification of Data Centre Facility by Uptime Institute
  • Tier III Certification of Data Centre Design by Uptime Institute

High Security Facility

  • Blast proof reinforced concrete walls
  • Perimeter defence and intrusion detection system to protect against climbing or unauthorised intrusion
  • Crash barricades and multi-layered security access control throughout the facility and whitespaces

Independent UPS Systems Ensuring Full Back Up

  • Critical IT loads
  • Security, access control and monitoring environment
  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) System
    Carrier Neutral & Proximity of Key Network Partners
  • Carrier neutral allowing customers the flexibility of various vendors for their connectivity
  • Close proximity to major international cable systems
  • Low network latency and high-speed connectivity between data centres promoting seamless business interactions
  • Facilitate quick deployment for businesses into international markets and alternate choices to local telcos for Application Providers, Cloud Solutions and Content Distributors


Critical Segregation

  • UPS and battery rooms are fully compartmentalised and fire rated
  • UPS and battery rooms of each N system located at opposite ends of facility
  • Segregation between high voltage mains and power supply intake

Fault Tolerant Design

  • Multiple active power paths and cooling distribution paths
  • Fault isolation and containment ability by design
  • Assurance of continuous operation in event of electrical or mechanical failures and / or maintenance



Kepstar Resource Drive

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Kepstar Resource Drive

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Kepstar Resource Drive

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