Building Area

  • Combined 160,000sqft
  • 1600 racks

Floor Specifications

  • Raised flooring
  • 5m floor height

Customer Support

  • 24/7/365 helpdesk support
  • Customer online portal

Ancillary Facilities

  • Meeting rooms
  • Dedicated customer office rooms
  • 2.6m Cargo lifts

Critical Power System

  • 2N System redundancy for all IT loads
  • Multiple transformers dedicated for UPS system
  • All ACMV loads supported by UPS system
  • Redundant generator system configuration

Power Information

  • 20MVA with 2 HT Substations
  • 3MW UPS power capacity


  • Chilled air cooling system
  • 10MW cooling capacity
  • 2N redundancy for CRACs in each data hall
  • Cracs supported by dual UPS power

Communication Infrastructure

  • Carrier Neutral
  • 2 Diverse telecom incomers / Point of Entry
  • 2 Diverse MDF rooms
  • TIA-942 standard compliant structured cabling system
  • Enabled fibre connectivity to other data centres

Security and Surveillance

  • Crash barricade system at all entry points
  • Full height stainless steel turnstiles at facility perimeters
  • Swing gate turnstile at lift lobby
  • Multi-factor Access Control and CCTV system for all levels and essential equipment areas
  • Trapped doors at data centre
  • Lifts controlled by Access Control System
  • Dedicated 24/7/365 Security personnel and M&E engineers

Envisaged Certifications

  • Tier III facility design certification by UTI
  • Tier III facility construction certification by UTI
  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)
  • BCA-IMDA Green mark for New Data Centres

Expertise in Data Centre Management

Critical failure occur due to operational negligence and inexperience, our team with its vast knowledge assures the operational excellence daily 24/7

Carrier Neutral & Network Ecosystem

Interconnectivity between various telcos and co-location providers connecting your data centre to key data centres in Cambodia and across the region

Complete Outsourcing Partner

We take care of your complete data centre needs and expectation with out comprehensive package of services.

Availability & Reliability

Assured 99.98% reliability in 2N design promising you of constant up time.



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Kepstar Resource Drive

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Kepstar Resource Drive

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